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Open Air Cinema 2024
Creature from the black lagoon
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Standbild aus dem Film
Open Air Cinema 2024
Wendy and Lucy
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Standbild aus dem Film
Open Air Cinema 2024
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  • Trailer KIBS WS 23

    Trailer Winter-Program

    Our shrewd chairman of the board, who is privately very interested in video in addition to his committee work and has even set up a real video editing room in his basement, locked himself in there over the weekend and fabricated this great trailer, which makes great desire, even us, for the program in the winter semester!

  • Flyer WS 23 Cover Fächer 16 9

    Here's the new Winter Term Program!

    With a good bottle of wine as that became a habit we thought about what could fit in the fall and winter, cinematically speaking. The pondering came to an end, ans so came the wine bottle. We now hold in our hands a very nice program, with elegant density, spicy finish and, as always, the classic tingling cinema pleasure.

    Download program

  • Open Air Kino 2023 BWR Perspektive 169

    Open Air 2023 Review

    With a little distance, it all really looked pretty good again! We thank you for the nice evenings in front of the HfG and hope to see you again next year!

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  • Open Air Kino 2022 Aufbau Wiese Decken Front 169

    Open Air Cinema 2023

    Get out the picnic blanket, it's open air cinema again! And once again we are ahead of the game and get the award for the first open air cinema of the year in Karlsruhe in advance. On two weekends in June we will show films, each representing one genre of science fiction film history: Utopia, Dystopia and last but not least: Comedy! We are looking forward to you.

  • Grafik Sommersemester 2023 Banner 16 zu 9

    Program Summer Term 2023

    After a long renovation break, the Blaue Salon opens its freshly painted doors again for the summer semester. From April to July, we always show a short pre-film on the last Monday of the month (mnemonic: Le-Mo-De-Mo), as well as a feature film in analog 16mm film projection.

    Download Program

  • Blauer Salon Regie Audio Rack

    A New Control Room

    The control room of the Blue Salon has finally been renovated! After many applications, a lot of planning work, building inspections and approvals, we can say: the stress was worth it, this is how you can work!

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  • Blauer Salon Baustelle Philip 169

    Construction at Blauer Salon

    The cinema is being rebuilt. In 2017, the order went out to the building construction office, and now, about 5 years later, something is happening. We are happy! The control room is being enlarged, new projection windows, new ventilation, new sound system. The building construction office is working hard and we can only wait and see when it can go on again.

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  • Open Air Kino 2022 Wiese Tag Aufbau Seite Totale 169

    Impressions Open Air Cinema 2022

    It was two wonderful weeks in front of the HfG. Great films, great people, great weather. Here are some impressions of this year's Open Air Cinema in pictures!

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  • Grafik Open Air Kino 2022 Querformat ohne Daten

    Open Air Cinema 2022

    As Sepp Herberger said: After the Open Air is before the Open Air!

    The 30th anniversary film festival was great, thanks to all who were there! We'll clean up briefly and then we'll see you again on the green lawn with the colorful chairs for the Open Air cult sneak nights starting July 29.

  • Grafik 30 Jahre HfG Filmfestival 16 9

    30 Years HfG Film Festival

    From July 12 - July 16, 2022, a film festival will be held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our university by presenting a colorful selection of HfG films. Each day, a film from the Zeitbild Lab (2019-2022) will be shown, along with a selection of films from 30 years of HfG film history. In addition to the filmmakers, other guests will be present to tell us about 30 years of HfG.

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