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Cinema of Euphoria
The Endless Summer
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Ferris Bueller's Day Off
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Blau im Salon: HfG Party 1996
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  • Grafik 30 Jahre HfG Filmfestival 16 9

    30 Years HfG Film Festival

    From July 12 - July 16, 2022, a film festival will be held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our university by presenting a colorful selection of HfG films. Each day, a film from the Zeitbild Lab (2019-2022) will be shown, along with a selection of films from 30 years of HfG film history. In addition to the filmmakers, other guests will be present to tell us about 30 years of HfG.

  • Filmstill Spiel

    Filmfestival Trailer

    We are very very much looking forward to the 30th anniversary of the HfG Film Festival. To increase the anticipation even more here is a trailer that shows a little bit in which direction it will go! Thanks for the trailer, Knut!

  • Filmstill Chantal Akerman 169

    Retrospective Chantal Akerman

    In collaboration with film professor Serpil Turhan, it has long been an affair of the heart to bring the work of Chantal Akerman to the people! We are very pleased to be able to show some of the Belgian filmmaker's films in the Blue Salon this semester.

  • Filmstill This Is Not The End

    Graduation Studio 2022

    From June 02 to 19, 2022, the graduation exhibition "Graduation Studio" will be held in the atriums of the HfG. In the Blue Salon there will be a show of diploma films on four dates.

  • Blauer Salon Team Shooting Reihe 169

    Program Summer Term 2022

    Where is the key to the Blue Salon? For almost two years we were no longer in it - forced break thanks to renovation. But now it's starting again, there is cinema in the Blauer Salon again. We are very much looking forward to finally watching movies together with people again and talking shop over a cool drink! Who will be there?

  • Filmstill HfG Martini Broes

    HfG Videothek March Edition

    Early for the start of spring, in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of the HfG and for all those who do not know what to do in the lecture-free period: The new edition of the HfG Videothek. 30 new films about fun, seriousness, knowledge and art. We hope there is something for everyone!

  • Filmstill Kneecam 169

    News from the HfG VIdeothek

    For Christmas, our streaming offer again includes over 30 new and old films by students and teachers. A colorful potpourri of documentary, experimental, feature films, short, long, colorful, black and white, funny, sad, there should be something for everyone. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and Happy Streaming!

  • LIchthofkino 3 169

    Silent Films in the Atrium

    Kino im Lichthof der HfG! Das Duo saiLento, bestehend aus der Pianistin Reiko Emura und dem Schlagzeuger Shinichi Minami untermalen musikalisch den Stummfilm Eine Seite des Wahnsinns (1926) von Teinosuke Kinugasa. Vorfilm: Hände: Das Leben und die Liebe eines zärtlichen Geschlechts (1928) von Stella F. Simon. Der Themenabend wird mit Stücken von Wolfgang Rihm, Toru Takemitsu, Robert Schumann und Tom Johnson umrahmt.

  • Kronenplatz Stock 169

    Open Air at Kronenplatz

    In October, we will represent the HfG at the city festival with an open-air cinema on Kronenplatz. On two evenings, cinema films on the future topics of AI and science fiction will be shown on Kronenplatz. In addition, there will be accompanying lectures and film discussions that attempt to build a bridge between the fiction shown and the present in which these films are set.

  • Open Air Kino 2021 Quirin Bar

    Review Open Air Cinema 2021

    It was a ride out of the frying pan and into the fire: we didn't think anything bad about it, we made a small open air cinema in June after the Corona Downer, but either we were too lazy to clean up the stuff, or we couldn't get enough of it. Either way, the result: non-stop open-air cinema in front of the HfG from June to the end of August!

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