Filmstill Unterrotenstein

Open Campus
Summer term 2022
30 Years HfG Film Festival


  • Unterrotenstein
  • Documentary
  • Germany
  • 2021
  • Director: Sophia Schiller
  • 24 min
  • DCP
  • Original Version with english Subtitles
  • with Simon Brusis, Michaela Bumiller-Herbert, Thea Fleig

On weekends, the farm of a young family becomes the meeting place of a large circle of friends. The impetuous group of children develops its own, childishly brutal dynamic. Power games and a constant struggle for strength drive them on. Thus, they engage in war games, shoot at each other, trick each other and make fun of each other. Nine-year-old Moni, the youngest of the group, is at the bottom of the socio-dynamic food chain. The attraction to her older sister's friend and the question of whether her father is really Moni's father form the background noise of a weekend that seems to stretch on for an eternity. A film about the painful beauty of growing up.

Film discussion with director Sophia Schiller, moderated by Serpil Turhan.