Filmstill Le Jour Se Leve 2

Blauer Salon
Winter term 2023
Winter Term 2023


  • Le jour se lève
  • Crime
  • France
  • 1939
  • Director: Marcel Carné
  • 85 min
  • 35mm
  • Original Version with german Subtitles
  • with Jean Gabin, Jacqueline Laurent, Jules Berry

François, a worker in an iron foundry, has shot a man. As day dawns, the police have already surrounded the house and cordoned off the street. François locks himself in the attic and reviews the events leading up to the fatal shooting: François had fallen in love with Françoise, a flower seller. One evening he secretly follows her and observes that Françoise is having an affair with Valentin.

An original 35mm print from the (West) German theatrical release in 1955 from the HfG collection will be shown. There will also be an introduction to the history of the cut versions, which were censored, banned and destroyed by Vichy and later also indirectly by Hollywood, up to the unexpected rediscovery of the film in the 1950s and its restoration in 2013. As always, there will also be the analog trailer show, with cinema trailers from the time when our main film first flickered across the screens of this world.