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Jazz im Blauen Salon: Open Stage
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Cinema of Euphoria
Bad Lieutenant – Port of Call: New Orleans
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Cinema of Euphoria
American Psycho
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  • Open Air Kino 2023 Wiese Publikum von hinten

    Open Air Cinema 2024

    Save the Date: OPEN AIR CINEMA in front of the HfG from June 20 - 24, 2024 This year we will once again storm out onto the green meadow and indulge in the balmy June nights at the HfG Open Air Cinema. We thank the open-air cinema god that he exists and invite you to 5 days of festival atmosphere with music, short films, drinks and some of the most beautiful things (films) that the seventh art has produced in the last 100 years.

  • Flyer Kino der Euphorie Sommersemester 2024

    The new program for the summer is here!

    After long program meetings, the new film program for the summer semester is now available, just in time for the start of spring! Once again, we have collected, discussed and evaluated dozens of film suggestions...

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  • Teamfoto 23

    7 Freunde müsst ihr sein!

    Last Sunday, February 11, we said yes to each other. We were 12 friends and we founded an association that wants to promote more beautiful cinema experiences. Let's see what the local court and the tax office have to say :)

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  • Filmstill Medienhochschule 3

    The Cultivated Fairground Cinema –Special Program for Open House in Hallenbau

    For the Open Day in the Hallenbau, the Blue Salon will be open all day! From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. we will be showing a large crossover program of in-house short films!

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  • helbig

    Film An – Zug Ab!

    We're looking forward to next week: there's almost a festival atmosphere in the Blauer Salon! First, UNCLE BOONMEE, a piece of "recent" film history, will be shown on Monday and then the projectors will be rattling away until Tuesday, when we will be hosting Dr. Thomas Helbig from Göthe University Frankfurt for a themed evening. It's all about trains in cinema, there are lots of train movies to see, including the new film by Peter Tscherkassky "Train Again". As always on 35mm.

  • Stummfilmabend Screen Publikum

    Review: Silent Film Event

    We think so: Always nice to look back! So we look back on a great silent movie night last Monday. A promising start to a new musical and cinematic year 2024. We are delighted that so many of you came along, Richard Siedhoff once again outdid himself on the keys and the films were great - great, great, great!

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  • Richard Siedhoff

    2024 starts with Silent Film Concert!

    We can hardly wait for 2024, which begins with a small cinematic highlight: the well-known silent film pianist Richard Siedhoff is coming all the way from Weimar to breathe new life into two silent films with his piano playing. Be there!

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  • Programmanzeiger Solo Sunny

    Last Screening in 2023

    We're firing up the projectors one last time before we lie headfirst under the Christmas tree. On Friday, December 22nd, Solo Sunny will give us another little boost before we all abandon ourselves to the cookies and the peace of the contemplative New Year. As always with a supporting program and 35mm, this time from the DEFA Foundation.

  • Schlingensief On Set Kettensägenmassaker

    Happy Birthday Christoph!

    Today Christoph Schlingensief would have turned 63. One becomes melancholy and wonders why it always hits the best first. But that would not be in his sense, we tear down next Monday the Blue Salon -probably rather in his sense-and celebrate, scream and jolen with the GERMAN CHAINSAW MASSACRE!

  • Trailer KIBS WS 23

    Trailer Winter-Program

    Our shrewd chairman of the board, who is privately very interested in video in addition to his committee work and has even set up a real video editing room in his basement, locked himself in there over the weekend and fabricated this great trailer, which makes great desire, even us, for the program in the winter semester!

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