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Cinema of Euphoria
The Endless Summer
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Ferris Bueller's Day Off
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Blau im Salon: HfG Party 1996
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  • Open Air Kino 2021 Wiese Pressefoto 169

    Open Air Kino: August Edition

    The Open Air Cinema in front of the HfG Karlsruhe has been extended again!!! 4 dates in August with juicy grass, tasty drinks, crunchy snacks and unannounced films: Kult Sneak in front of the HfG, we are looking forward to you! As always in analog cinema format with 35mm prints and 16mm silent film pre-show, set to music by HfG students and alumni.

  • FP 30 Jason Diplom Installation 169

    Cinema Installation for KAMUNA

    Our dear cinema collaborator Jason Stewart celebrates with an impressive 35mm installation and his graduation film "This Is Not the End" about the Kino-im-Blauen-Salon project after a long back and forth finally diploma - congratulations Jason! At the Kamuna on August 7th you can see the installation again. From 18-24 clock in the large studio of the HfG Karlsruhe.

  • Open Air Kino 2021 Jason und Philip auf Stühlen 169

    Open Air Cinema 2021

    On June 16 and 17 we will play two films from our archive as part of the HfG Open Air Cinema. With cult cinema, DJ and bar from the AStA we celebrate the reawakening of cinema, the HfG and last but not least the good old get together after two very hard years.

  • Grafik Film Forum Festival 5 Maerz 169

    Film.Forum Film Festival

    We're opening this website fresh with a bang: the Film.Forum Film Festival, which will take place on March 5 in the virtual Blue Salon. It's one of those online festivals, but it's going to be fun, there are super cool films involved and the super cool people who made them. Be there!

  • Neue Leinwand Blauer Salon 2020 169

    New Screen for the Salon!

    Finally, the Blaue Salon gets a new screen! The old, if you'll pardon the pun, somewhat puny 16 to 9 frame screen is retiring after nearly 20 years and we welcome a new 6 meter Cinemascope screen. A warm welcome!

  • HfG Open Campus Rundgang Wiese 169

    Open Air Cinema at Summer Show

    The Blaue Salon is small but nice. It's nice that there's a large meadow in front of the HfG, where you can air out. That's what the AStA thinks every year, and so the supporting program of the annual exhibition, the Summer Show, always takes place on this lawn in mid-July. We contribute two films to this program, the first open air cinema in front of the HfG!

  • Institut Francais 169 Ascenseur

    Cinéma français

    Together with the Institut Français and the Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand Karlsruhe we show in this film series, as perhaps the names of the institutions already reveal, cinema from France! There are always new films to choose from in a catalog and it's a bit like going to the video store in the past. Only in a French one.

    Download program

  • first-name-carmen-backdrop

    Program for Winter Term 2017

    After the cinema has always contributed only sporadic film contributions to HfG events since its founding in April 2016, we are now storming into the winter semester with our own film program for the first time.

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