2024 starts with Silent Film Concert!

Richard Siedhoff

We can hardly wait for 2024, which begins with a small cinematic highlight: the well-known silent film pianist Richard Siedhoff is coming all the way from Weimar to breathe new life into two silent films with his piano playing. Be there!

The Kino im Blauen Salon starts the new year with a musical-cinematic treat. Every semester, a silent film program is shown, accompanied by live musicians. This cherished tradition will continue on January 8, 2024. The two films MÉNILMONTANT (France, 1926) and MY GRANDMOTHER (Georgia, 1929) will be accompanied by Richard Siedhoff on the piano. The Weimar-based composer and pianist is a welcome guest on German silent film stages and has been accompanying film programs with his own compositions and improvisations since 2008.

In MY GRANDMOTHER, Georgian director Kote Mikaberidze uses avant-garde imagery to depict the adventures of a dismissed civil servant. A grotesque comedy and wicked satire that vehemently opposes bureaucracy, philistinism and careerism and was kept under lock and key for over 50 years.

MÉNILMONTANT tells the story of two sisters who come to the Parisian neighborhood of the same name as orphans and fall in love with the same man. Dimitri Kirsanoff was one of the few directors of the silent film era who tried to get by without subtitles and is now regarded as one of the forerunners of French poetic realism of the 1930s.

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