12 – HfG Party 1996

Blauer Salon
Summer Term 2024
Blau im Salon: HfG Party 1996

To kick off the big party, which is the dubious highlight of the annual exhibition of the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung every year, the Blauer Salon offers the unique opportunity to prepare for it in a cultivated and controlled manner. With probably the most blatant VHS experience of the academic year!


HfG Party 1996

  • HfG Party 1996
  • Documentary
  • Germany
  • 1996
  • Director: Homevideo
  • 45 min
  • VHS
  • German Original Version
  • with Dieter Sellin, Heinrich Klotz, Wilfried Walther

Legend has it that the most blatant HfG party of all time was accidentally captured for posterity in a 40-minute home video made by an unknown amateur filmmaker in 1996. However, the VHS was forgotten in a VHS player and when it went into the attic, all hope of ever finding it again was lost and gradually the video was forgotten. Almost 30 years later, media art student Pavel Pudnik stumbled across a box of discarded technology and found a VHS player inside. When he plugged it in, he couldn't believe his eyes, what he saw was the lost video, what he saw there was probably the most awesome party ever!

The original VHS is played in the original VHS player from 1996.


Supporting FilmDas ABC der HfG

  • Das ABC der HfG
  • Experimental
  • Germany
  • 1994
  • Director: ???
  • 15 min
  • VHS
  • Without dialogue

An image film from the "wild" early days of the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung. That's how we always imagined it, fast, wild, uncompromising, that's how the HfG of the 90s was reported, nostalgia, who knows, but if you trust the image film, then it really was very wild.