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Summer term 2022
Cloud Whispers
30 Years HfG Film Festival

Cloud Whispers

  • Wer hat eigentlich die Liebe erfunden?
  • Comedy
  • Germany, Switzerland
  • 2018
  • Director: Kerstin Polte
  • 93 min
  • DCP
  • Original Version with english Subtitles
  • with Corinna Harfouch, Meret Becker, Sabine Timoteo

On the drive to her vacation, Charlotte has a knee-jerk reaction: she simply leaves her husband Paul, to whom she has been married for 38 years, at the rest stop. He has been getting on her nerves for a long time, and so Charlotte drives on alone to the Baltic Sea with granddaughter Jo. When she and Paul meet again, they have to deal with old conflicts and think about whether their marriage still has a future.

Filmgespräch mit Kerstin Polte, moderiert von Laura Morcillo.