Open Air 2023 Review

Open Air Kino 2023 BWR Perspektive 169

With a little distance, it all really looked pretty good again! We thank you for the nice evenings in front of the HfG and hope to see you again next year!

For the third time this early summer there was the Open Air Cinema in front of the HfG. 2023 was called Know-How and the relaxing feeling of "like the last time" mixed with size-wahm and "this time even better". And I think it was quite a good mix. For example, there were no more technical glitches, no humming or buzzing in the sound, no power failures, no staff shortages. But there was sausage every day! And we had Ludger Pfanz with us this time, who greatly enriched the team. With his always léger-black shirt/trousers/leather shoes look and calm gaze, he not only brought up the necessary curiosity for the film, but also raised the age average of the cinema team enormously, or shall we say, he let the age average mature, can you say that, yes?

The team from last year was there again, Lehel at the turntables, Alex at the microphone and 16mm, Mona, Jogi at the grill, Yael, bar manager, orga rock and resident appeaser in personal union, Luise, the good soul and event technology checker, and I, Philip, projection manager and in the heart personal assistant of Ludger. It was a very nice 6 days, the first 3 a bit more relaxed because digital (with brand new Christie projector), the last 3 a bit more stressful but also more exciting because 35mm and a super cool supporting program, raffles, sneak riddles, cult status etc. Many thanks to all who were there and made it possible once again. We are looking forward to 2024!

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