Impressions Open Air Cinema 2022

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It was two wonderful weeks in front of the HfG. Great films, great people, great weather. Here are some impressions of this year's Open Air Cinema in pictures!

After we had some first steps in 2021, 2022 was a bit quieter. A year earlier, the Open Air Cinema had emerged more as a point of many in framework programs. The '21er -June Edition and, so to speak, the starting shot for the project came about because Ludger Pfanz had curated a film program for the science festival EFFEKTE. It was one of the first events after the pandemic and hit like a bomb, people could come together on the meadow again for the first time, that was something....

Jason and Philip were in charge of setting up the equipment, and after the effects festival was over, we just left everything, set up two 35mm film projectors and did another event on our own.

Experience for this already existed from before the pandemic, 2019, the founding year of the open air cinema in front of the HfG. At that time still without Airscreen and with tons of steel construction and statics, which pushed the planning team to its limits. And of course there was the legendary screening of AIRPLANE, whose humor was a bit next level for the HfG audience, for which the cinema team had to get a telling off from the AStA.

In July 2021 there was the next open air edition, this time as part of the annual exhibition of the HfG - the screen and cabling were then simply left on the lawn since June.

And after that also went very well, we started the third edition in 2021 in August, and with it the first independent event series that was no longer just part of a supporting program. And since that went even better and made much more sense as an independent format, it was repeated in 2022.

In mid-July, there was already the 30th anniversary of the HfG Festival, for which the complete open-air set-up was already in place, and it was an easy matter to run our own program two weeks later. One had also learned from the mistakes of the 30 years festival, there was for the first time a well organized bar, DJ sets with different DJs, pre-program, raffles and more. With two weekends and 6 films, it was a bit less than in 2021 (10 films spread over 3 editions), but more intense. Jason, honorary hiwi of the Blue Salon, could be engaged as alumni hiwi and supervised the projection, this summer there was no beamer, even for stills and slides the large format slide projector was at the start. In addition, new talents were discovered: Knut and Jonas as new projectionists, who mastered the cross-fading in a few days. Also Jogi and Rebecca at the grill and then there were of course the great photo shoots and the day at the lake with Torben, Ullu and Claude. Thanks to all who were there, it was a lot of fun and a cinematic treat.

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