The new program for the summer is here!

Flyer Kino der Euphorie Sommersemester 2024

After long program meetings, the new film program for the summer semester is now available, just in time for the start of spring! Once again, we have collected, discussed and evaluated dozens of film suggestions...

And since we are aware of the great enthusiasm that you, dear audience, have for our cinema, we decided to take a step towards you and show films this semester that can keep up with this euphoria. Each movie night will examine a completely different area of the so-called "euphoric".

From the emotionalized Hollywood euphoria of the 1950s, the absurdly surreal euphoria of modern French cinema to the eccentric euphoria of Nicolas Cage, there will be a lot on offer.

And if you don't feel like getting carried away by this exuberant wave, we can reassure you, because you can also enjoy our special screenings completely without euphoria - this semester there is even the novelty of a non-cinematic event: Jazz in the Blaue Salon - live music!

So come along and see us in the Blauer Salon, the movie theater of euphoria!

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