The Cultivated Fairground Cinema –Special Program for Open House in Hallenbau

Filmstill Medienhochschule 3

For the Open Day in the Hallenbau, the Blue Salon will be open all day! From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. we will be showing a large crossover program of in-house short films!

We mix works by currently enrolled directors with the works of legendary former students. Everything is included: from the symbolic laying of the HfG foundation stone to 90s trash aesthetics, essay and animated films and dramatic miniatures. Take your imaginary cotton candy with you to our fairground cinema and be intoxicated by the diversity of a three-decade creative period.

At the end of the day, the cinema in the Blue Salon would like to introduce itself as a regular venue with an additional attraction: Michael Moore's early work ROGER & ME from 1989. In the broadest sense, Moore also opens the doors here in his hometown of Flint, Michigan, to question the bosses and supervisors responsible for the mass layoff of 35,000 people at the local General Motors factory. An entertaining mix of gallows humor and David vs. Goliath battles. We are projecting the film as a 35mm copy in the original English.