7 Freunde müsst ihr sein!

Teamfoto 23

Last Sunday, February 11, we said yes to each other. We were 12 friends and we founded an association that wants to promote more beautiful cinema experiences. Let's see what the local court and the tax office have to say :)

After almost 8 years together, the big day was long overdue. Over the last year, it has become increasingly clear that we want to take the next step. And now we are an association, not yet a registered one, because there is still no feedback from Mannheim, but that will go wrong.

It was a Sunday at the beginning of February, the weather was glorious, we had met in the large seminar room, there was homemade cake, lots of coffee and a white board on which Jason scribbled the agenda for this inaugural meeting. The draft of the statutes, which had been written a few months earlier, was read out in turn, spelling mistakes were found and corrected, and the talent for reading aloud of some of the founding members came to light. After around 4 hours, the final signature on the really beautiful paper produced for such contracts sealed the foundation. Signing was not as easy as it might sound here, no, it took three attempts to make sure that everyone had signed in the right place.

This brilliant performance was then topped off with a relatively expensive champagne and afterwards the board treated themselves to a small business lunch at the snack bar next door. No, of course not, it's a non-profit organization, so there's no business, but we went out for a meal anyway. The next day we went to the notary and now we have to wait for the tax office and the local court. We remain curious.